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Clearwater Springs - Bottled Water Delivery and Water Treatment Services

Bottled Water Delivery

Clearwater Springs delivers high quality bottled water to homes and offices in the eastern Washington and Northern Idaho areas. Our service is flexible with no contracts and no minimums. Have water delivered to your home and office on YOUR schedule, not ours. Find our more about our Bottled Water Delivery service, or View our Service Area map.

Call today to schedule your water delivery - 208.762.2310 or toll free 866.257.9877

Water Filtration Service

Do you have any of the following water problems?

  • Hard water
  • Water stains
  • Water Odor
  • Bad tasting water

Sometimes a water quality issue can be pinpointed to a single problem like hard water. However, more often than not, several factors are contributing to your household water quality.

That is why the beginning of any water filtration treatment is a good onsite analysis of the chemistry of the water and plumbing layout.

Clearwater Springs will analyze your home's water system and determine the best treatment plan for your water quality issues.

Find our more about Water Quality and our Water Treatment Services

More about Bottled Water

Are you interested in bottled water regulations, the safety of bottled water, or the different types of bottled water? Visit our "About our Water" page to read Frequently Asked Questions about bottled water from the International Bottled Water Association.

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